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I’d describe myself as a ‘chameleon type of drummer.  Growing up, I enjoyed listening to many different kinds of music, and that continues to this day.  My earliest memories involve Simon & Garfunkel, Isaac Hayes, The Fifth Dimension, Burl Ives’ Christmas album, Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke”, and thanks to my babysitter – Ray Charles singing Percy Mayfield’s “Hit The Road Jack”.  Around the time I began drum lessons (age 9), it was The Beatles, The Buddy Rich Big Band, Pink Floyd, The Who, & Led Zeppelin.  In high school it was Rush, Yes, early Pat Metheny Group, Frank Zappa, & Mahler’s 2nd symphony.  At Berklee, I really got into jazz.  So it was quite a mixed bag of influences during the formative years.  As a result, I’ve never tried to become a specialist…. somebody who only plays jazz and wouldn’t be found in any other musical situation.  There are pros & cons to the chameleon approach, as there are to being a specialist.

Today I’m very happy continuing to follow the chameleon’s path.  I enjoy getting inside the music that I’m hired to perform, and I feel blessed that I’m called to play with a variety of different artists / bands.  I don’t want to dabble in a genre.  I enjoy all of the nuances, the intricacies… the finer points of why and how something feels and sounds a certain way.  A brief example… I remember hanging out with Dave Mattacks one night during a set-break, and Marvin Gaye’s Got To Give It Up came on at the bar.  DM directed my ears to the cowbell part in that tune, and just how fantastic it is.  (Insert stale cowbell joke here.) I’d heard the tune before, but hadn’t really honed in on it’s mightily grooving cowbell part.   I’m motivated to dig deeply into the music that moves me, and try to suss out exactly what I love about it.  Forever a student, I’m by no means an expert of any particular style, but if I’m hired to play, I’m going to invest everything I have.  I’d like to think that I bring a decent set of ears into whatever musical situation I’m called for. I’m a strong believer in prioritizing the song above all else, which hopefully leads to a selfless, big-picture approach.  I’m also an unmitigated goof.

I’m very grateful to have had the good fortune of studying with some of the finest drum-set players & teachers along the way: Fred Buda, Alan Dawson, Bob Gullotti, Ian Froman, and Dave Mattacks.

A discography can be found on the music page.